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Company Overview

EPiT is a global leader in green technology for

air environment technology business.

Specialized in air pollution control system

Established in 2000, EPiT Co., Ltd is a company specializing in air pollution control system that performs turnkey work from design to construction of electrostatic precipitator and bag filter as well as supplies main parts. Through continuous R&D and accumulating various technology, we produce the core parts of electrostatic precipitator, such as discharge electrodes, collecting electrodes, and rapping system. And we developed our own filter bags, 『EPiT Pleated Bag』 which is the internal part of bag filter, and expands the area by 2~3 times compared to the existing round bag.

Continuous product development

The self-developed EPiT pleated bag is a high-efficiency energy reduction product that can increase the capacity without expansion or modification of an existing bag filter, and reduce initial investment cost by compact design. Also it can reduce operating cost. Also, EPiT Pleated Bag can be applied to places where it is difficult to apply current round bags due to height or area constraints. Therefore, it is applied in various ways, and exports are also increasing. EPiT is developing into a company that leads the air pollution control system technology through continuous product improvement and innovation.